Moved again…

Modblog (my previous blog) has been down for last one week (it usually has a frequent down time but not so long), and that is when I decided to have my own blog setup.

Bluehost is the choice that I made after careful study of all available web hosting servers. Here are the reasons why. WordPress was my first choice due to reasons like flexibility, support and various plugins available.

I have imported all my previous blogs minus the comments (which were not available for export). Some of the posts will have missing images as the images were hosted on modblog which is down as of now. Will try to get them soon.

The best thing I like about wordpress is the flexibility (open source), you can do anything you want with the code, not like my previous blog where editing of template was restricted.

I started with the default template, and then journalized sand theme and I ended up creating my own theme (the one that you are currently looking at). I would like to know what you think about this theme.

I’m planning to make some more additions other than the blog, like having recommended books list, links to good Oracle articles, my own articles and more. Till the time I’m through with the site you can let me know if you find anything not working, or anything you do not like or like about the site.

Bluehost/Wordpress is definitely a good combination and they have tons of features available and also their support is equally helpful. I would recommend them to anyone who is thinking of having his/her own website.

es I saw that there are plenty of services offered by bluehost.I am still looking for some hosting service which can provide HTMLDB hosting as I am trying to make mine in that one only;-).Once into Oracle always into Oracle:-).I have found one yet Looks promising.lets see.
thanx alot for ur wishes.Have a great day today.